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 Fan-fic ideas, random musings.

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Vecanti Soldier

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PostSubject: Fan-fic ideas, random musings.   Fri 20 Feb 2009, 4:03 pm

Sorry if I havn't been posting, been traveling the world a bit but havn't seen anything at all. Right now, keeping a semi-log for fan-fic ideas because I want to write something, even a short blurt of 50 words.

One idea that keeps coming back is the sword of Valis and Valis, the book by P.K.D. Why was Yuko sent to reality? Did she really existed? Leigh, her ambitions after Valis III ended, what about her?

If Lena was selected as a warrior of Valis, does that mean any other girls/women could be the one? Why one indeed?

Did Dreamland and Vecanti finally go away? Was it a legend of modern times for people looking for something to get away from?

A start of a few short stories leading to different aspects of Valis, Yuko and the rest.
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Dark Valis Soldier

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PostSubject: Re: Fan-fic ideas, random musings.   Sat 21 Feb 2009, 7:51 am

you're right. there're so many opened points in Valis that are not answered explicitly.

like the ones you mentioned, and there are also:

- what happened to Leethus when Yuko to it along with Valis?

- Did Yuko directly turned into Goddess, or were there some middle-events?

-after Valis 4, what happened to Cham, Valna, and Asfal?

-Was Rogles really killed in Valis 3? will there be another return for him?

-and what about the Dark world, when it was absorb, did it vanish or it still exists?

- and there is Heizen's mother details which is not told..

- and what about Reiko's head ribbon that was in Yuko's arm in Valis 1? did she get rid of it? why she's not wearing it in other Valis games?

- and most important.. Rogles' and Megas' father, king Keiser, which we completed don't know about.

- and there are the first legendary Leethus and Valis warriors who appeared in the beginning of Valis 3, who are they? and what happened to them next? and what made Valis stay with Valia and Leethus with Glames?

- were was Leethus in Valis 1 and 2? who had it?

- when Yuko became Godess, what happened to Reiko (who's always appearing now and then to support Yuko)? will she appear to Lena, or she disappeared forever?

well.. these are so many wonderings already heh-heh and I'm sure there are much more happy we've so many chances to detail these ideas in fanfictions happy
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Valis Fantasm Soldier (Armor: Level 1)

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PostSubject: Re: Fan-fic ideas, random musings.   Sat 21 Feb 2009, 11:52 pm

This is just an observation more than a fanfic idea, but remember in the Turbo Duo/PC Engine CD version of Valis 2, Yuko's Valis sword looked quite different when she gained her second armor (the pink one)? Why did the Valis Sword change (if it is indeed the same sword)? And how did Yuko get the armor upgrade? I know at least in SD Valis/SYD of Valis (which is more or less based on the TD/PCE version, with semi the "costume" elements of the Japanese PC versions), the ghost of Valia gave the armor upgrade to Yuko. But is that how it happened in the PCE/TD version?
Also, why doesn't Yuko have access to the upgraded armor/sword in Valis 3. Did the Valis sword somehow power-down when Yuko returned to Reality the second time?
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Vecanti Soldier

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PostSubject: Re: Fan-fic ideas, random musings.   Sun 22 Feb 2009, 3:01 pm

Googling Lena, I come up with this.

--Bright one: Greek, comes from Elena.

--Light: Slavic, comes from Helen

-- A river, easternmost of the great rivers of Siberia, c.2,670 mi (4,300 km) long, rising near Lake Baykal, SE Siberian Russia. It flows northeast, then north along the east side of the central Siberian uplands and parallels the Verkhoyansk Range, reaching a width of 8.5 mi (13.7 km). It empties through a c.250-mi- (400-km-) wide delta into the Arctic Ocean. It is navigable for 2,135 mi (3,436 km) upstream; at Yakutsk (915 mi/1,473 km upstream) it is ice free from June to October; at the delta from July to September. Coal and gold are found along the Lena and its tributaries (the Vitim and the Aldan). The Lena was first reached by the Russians in 1630. (cp, no way I can use books to research atm)

Brande, last name of Lena

Brande meaning: Firebrand.
Brande origin: English
Brande gender: Female

Anyone else find out anything what Lena Brande means?
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Vecanti Soldier

Number of posts : 88
Registration date : 2007-07-07

PostSubject: Re: Fan-fic ideas, random musings.   Sun 22 Feb 2009, 3:17 pm

Lena Brande. Why not another Japanese girl instead? Does it means that any girl in the world can be a Valis solider?

Amu in Japanese, if not a girl's name, can mean a great deal of things in Kanji but if a foreigner's name, then it is what it is. Amu.

Vast Fapper= Friends of the American People

VALIS the book and VALIS the videogame are like an infectious virus that refuses to completely quit the now global cultural scene. In Philip K. Dick's conception VALIS was reordering our world, gradually subsuming a deficient reality and making a sick world well, without our knowledge. Like a thief in the night, or as Dick said, like a killer-T immune cell released into a diseased part of the cosmic body.

Fooling the pluralistic meaning of the word, a mimic.

It wasn't about swords, friendships, maidens and the lost of a friend duped by authority back then, it was about changing of an order, guns, friendships and cheerleader broads running around with Pom-Poms.
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PostSubject: Re: Fan-fic ideas, random musings.   

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Fan-fic ideas, random musings.
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