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 My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis.

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My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis. - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis.   My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis. - Page 2 Icon_m13Sun 04 Apr 2010, 1:13 am

In part... I never say I abandon or give my characters, only I abandon the idea of continued the Valis saga, at the moment I'm very disappointed with that so, I haven't intentions to work in another thing inmediatly... obviously Amara, Kenji, Seanna and Gledyss are mine, so I think something in the future, be sure about that.
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My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis. - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis.   My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis. - Page 2 Icon_m13Tue 08 Mar 2011, 11:12 pm

Been awhile since I posted here, but to show I've been working on my fanfic, I bring you Yuko's portion! Which will appear somepoint within Part 2 of my fanfic.

After succeeding in getting the phantasm Jewel from atop the snowy mountain, Yuko started making her decent. It almost seemed as if all the hostile monsters and beings fled this area upon the general’s defeat. Which made her marvel at the areas beauty more as she roamed through the snowy and icy landscape, the shin deep snow eventually becoming ankle deep beneath her booted armor feet, showing that she was possibly nearing the end of this frozen tundra, as the ice itself seemed to have become much less in this area. Which Yuko herself was thankful for, while her armor kept her warm, her exposed arms and legs gave her a case of very faint shivers, but was only really visible if you looked at her up real close and if she was standing still. Eventually she saw a ledge ahead of her, with a clearer view of the skyline. Quickly running towards, she stopped in amazement at the layout now before her. Down below was a vast forest trees, going nearly as far as the eye could see.

Glancing down past the edge her toes were nearly touching, she could see it was a sheer drop before hitting a slanted surface, which seemed to go a good ways before that dropped off, making going down the mountain this way very dangerous.

“Looks like I’ll be up here for awhile still before I find a safer way down,” she commented to herself. Just then, she heard the sound of a cape or robe flowing in the wind, but before she could even look towards where the sound emanated, a huge shadow quickly loomed over her.

“So, you are the Valis Senshi who has defeated Gaieeda and Geeva,” a giant figure in a blue robe, wearing a golden mast with a crescent blade attached to a gem at the forehead said, his eyes pupil-less and pure white.

“Oh no….Rogles!” Yuko exclaimed as she whirled around and looked at him, he towered over her several feet, and was about as big and wide as a mountain top, which didn’t seem possible unless he was a giant, but the fact he didn’t even shake the place when he appeared obviously made her think this was but an illusion or something, despite how solid it looked, and the fact his robe flowed in the wind.

“Hmhmhmhm, such a young girl, yet so strong, but not strong enough, just cause you defeated two of my generals and claimed two of the Jewels, doesn’t mean you’ll make it the rest of the way,” Rogels stated.

Yuko felt very intimidated, but it was probably what he wanted, so she kept it hidden to the best of her abilities.

“No matter what you may say, I won’t give up and let you destroy this world, or my own!” Yuko stated.

“Such bravery, even with the fact you’re outclassed greatly, isn’t it obvious my power is greater than Valia’s?” Rogles asked.

“Making a realistic illusion isn’t exactly what I’d call greatly outclassed,” Yuko stated, inching one foot back, it’s faint heal breaking through the ledge, but not a whole lot to cause her to lose balance, or lose her firm stance, as she was able to stand that foot on it’s toes just faintly, and was able to slide it forward, allowing the heel to rest on firm ground again.

“So you don’t really believe in the depths of my power. Then I believe an example is in order, and it’ll most likely be your last,” Rogles stated, making Yuko start to regret her choice of words. There was a quick flash of light at her feet, and she looked at them just in time to see them sink into the ledge as it started to fall apart! Even with how fast her reflexes seemed, she wasn’t able to get off the ledge as her feet fell through the ruble, and after falling about three feet, her feet landed on the greatly slanted surface, making her fall backwards, and landing hard on her back, sliding backwards on it for several feet before flipping over onto her stomach. She tried frantically to grasp something, a stuck rock, an indentation in the surface, but the surface was smooth and only had very tiny stones as she kicking up like dust as she slid. She tried to use her sword, but only to find it was bouncing and clanking ahead of her, she wasn’t able to use it to try and slow her sliding. Eventually after sliding for several minutes, Yuko gasped when she flew off the drop she had saw from the ledge before, her sword flying past her, and she screamed as her angled decent was starting to angle itself downward, causing her to spin backwards. She spun several times, her fall speed increasing, she eventually hit another slant, but unlike the first time, it was directly on her back, and cause she was falling faster, she wound up bouncing, and continued to flip, landing hard on her chest, and this time the landing stuck, but she went down this slope more painfully as she continued to tumble backwards, occasionally bouncing, and even going sideways. Rogles just watched as Yuko became a tinny speck, falling down the mountain side till the dot vanished, unable to see how she’d land, but he already figured the outcome. Eventually things started going black for Yuko as she continued to tumble down the side of the mountain, unsure of just how far away she was from bottom, but all went black before she could even find out.

Everything seemed to remain black and silent, was this what dying in this world entailed? Total blackness and nothingness? How ever, she’d eventually start to see again, however, she rather than finding herself at the base of a mountain, she found herself inside some sort of burning building, a modern one!
“Am I…back home? If so…then where?” she asked, but soon saw two strange figures battling each other, she wasn’t able to make out any details, but she could tell one sword was very magical, but despite that obvious advantage over the other, the one with the powerful sword met his end by being decapitated. Then, the area changed, was she dreaming? Was this images of the future? The answers eluded her, upon seeing a different figure riding atop of some sort of creature along with a few others, the creature appeared to be mechanical somehow, fighting through hoards of enemies it seemed. Eventually it changed again, and a female figure stood before a great many hordes of enemies, Rogles appeared to be among them, and upon looking closer, she saw the female figure was wielding her sword, but it appeared different somehow, but before she could try and make sense of the situation, the enemies quickly went to swarm the female, who only took a stance.

Yuko gasped as her eyes seemed to have opened again somehow, it was a dream, and she found herself in a bedroom of wooden house, a cabin? She felt very warm, almost too hot, upon looking at her body, she found she was wrapped up very snuggly in a blanket, so snuggly it was very hard to move. She struggled a little bit, and it was with that she noticed something, her body didn’t hurt in the least. Despite she knew something would have had to have been broken from such a fall, yet, nothing was it seemed. Yuko then started to struggle more frantically, she was starting to get very hot, as she was starting to sweat it was so warm.

She eventually got herself unwrapped, and let out a big sigh as she felt the normal cool air get to her body. Perhaps a lot more than she expected, upon looking at her body, all she was wearing was what looked like a white swimsuit, which was appeared to be what under her armor. Before she could even look for her armor, let alone her sword, the door to the room open, making she shriek as she pulled the blanket up to her neck to cover herself. A woman who would be around the age of a younger mother walked in.

“You’re feeling much better I see, you really gave us quite the scare,” she said.

“You…you rescued me?” Yuko asked as her relaxed her grip on the blanket a little.

“One of our boys did, he was collecting stuff near the edge of the forest when he heard a loud splash. He went to investigate, and found you in the water, not even moving as you drifted to the water edge and hit land. He got us quickly after, and you were barely even breathing when we got you fully ashore, you were downright pale, not surprising from all the cuts and bruises you had, a lot of your blood was probably lost before you even hit the bottom going by how long you possibly tumbled down the mountain,” she replied. Yuko was amazed by this, and how lucky she was, they appeared to be skilled healers, as she didn’t have so much as a scar.
“By the way, what happened to cause you to have that tumble down the mountain?” she then asked.

“I…..I encountered Rogles…” Yuko replied.

“You encountered Rogles and all he did was knock you down the mountain? Considering the fact you survived the fall, and remained intact, you’re a very lucky girl,” she said. Yuko indeed felt very lucky that was all Rogles did, as she figured he could have done far worse things. She then saw a boy and a girl come up behind the woman, carrying her gear. Yuko smiled at them faintly. They were obviously shy as they held it up to their mother, who then took it and set it on Yuko’s bed as they remained in the doorway.

“Do you know where the next General is?” Yuko asked.

“So it is true, you’re after Rogles’ Generals,” she said.

“Who told you?” Yuko asked.

“I thought is was impossible, but this is the Jewel that was carried by the one who was in charge of the Mountain, was it not?” she asked as she held out the Jewel to Yuko.

“Indeed it was, and I intend to get the remaining ones. Hopefully they’ll allow me to defeat Rogles,” Yuko said.

“You know…..I have to be honest, but I at first wasn’t going to help you…..but it’s now obvious I made the right choice in doing so,” she said.

“Why?” Yuko asked.

“There is another who wears armor similar to your’s,” she replied.

“Really? Who?” Yuko asked.

“I don’t know her name, but I know she’s powerful and skilled, might even match your skills more than the other Generals,” she replied.

“I’ll be careful around her then. Can I get directions towards the next area where a General was located?” Yuko asked.

“None are here, but if you continue through this forest, you’ll find come to the edge of the forest, you should be able to find your way from there,” she replied.

“Thank you, I’ll be on my way then,” Yuko said, but then noticed something inside the room by the door.

“How sweet, they thought you were probably hungry and prepared you something,” she said. Yuko smiled, she as first wasn’t sure about the people here, but after encounter this woman and her children, she understood fully now why it should be saved. Awhile later she was back in her armor carrying her sword as she walked through the forest, which appeared peaceful, full of animals that appeared to be ones back in her world, along with some that were ones she never saw before. Much like the bird-like animals she saw when she first entered this world.

Things seemed pretty calm in this forest, but Yuko’s warrior senses warned her of danger, making her take a quick leap to the side as something struck where she stood. Taking a quick glance at it, she saw the ground was burning, something acid-like had struck there! Yuko quickly looked up in the tree and spotted a giant spider creature, which leaped from it’s perch down at her. Reacting quickly, Yuko swung her sword once it was near, slicing it in half as she made a quick leap to the side again, and as she suspected, the creature burned the ground with it’s blood, also dissolving what remained. Yuko sighed, but then heard a loud buzzing sound for a few second before something rammed into her chest, knocking her for a loop.

“OOPH!” Yuko grunted as she landed on her back. Quickly looking up, she saw it was a giant bug of some sort, with a needle sticking out, and pointed straight at her! Not wasting another second she quickly rolled to the side just as the needle fired, and barely missed her. She wasn’t sure if her armor would protect her from it, but she wasn’t about to take unnecessary risks and hits. Yuko got into a crouching position, and quickly jumped back as it fired another needle, and proceeded to shoot more as she took little leaps backwards which might look like faint skipping, before she backed into a tree, the last needle going between her legs and into the truck, making her glad she didn’t keep her legs together. This gave her the needed time to aim her sword at the beast and fired energy balls at it as it tried to aim at her, and each shot she sent hit it’s mark, making the creature explode, making what she assumed was it’s blood, which looked yellow and rather sticky looking, plopped onto the ground in a pretty wide pile.

“Yuck,” Yuko said, rather disgusted, but her instincts quickly told her to jump, and she did, going away from the tree a bit, she went over a lot of acid coming from many directions, spraying the trunk. Quickly looking around she saw many more spider creatures in the trees. Not wanting to cause a disaster in the forest with the Power of the Jewels, Yuko just quickly aimed her sword at each one, firing one shot before quickly aiming at another. The spiders were obviously more frail than the bug she killed, as they fell to the blows instantly, which she was thankful for as they were many, and she had to deal with stronger enemies back atop the mountain. She took a quick glance around for any further surprise attacks like getting head butted again, but nothing came at her.

“Hm, that went easier than expected,” she commented to herself. While her warrior instincts weren’t warning her of any danger, she couldn’t help but feel that something was off for some reason. She looked around left and right, and up in the trees, but nothing really seemed out of place.

“Wait a minute……” quickly glancing down, she saw she had landed squarely in the center of the yellow glob pile left over from the bug she killed when she dodged the spider’s acid.

“Oh great…..didn’t receive so much as a mark from these guys, and I wind up landing in remains….hope this doesn’t give off some sort of stench that’ll attract other things,” Yuko groaned as she started proceeding onward, but one real problem, her feet wouldn’t move.

“Huh?” looking back at her feet, she tried to move them, alternating which one she tried to move forward, but the substance held her feet in place like glue. Yuko then realized this really wasn’t so much as blood, as it was a stored substance it probably used to capture it’s targets. Obviously it was able to get pretty big prey if it was able to hold her in place. Yuko bent down slightly, grabbing her right thigh, she attempted pulling on her leg to get it free from the substance, and it would pull up from the substance now, but it would leave a big strong strand that would pull he foot back down, and her foot barely even lifted up a quarter of an inch with that pull.

“Sure hope this isn’t permanent…..” Yuko said as she tried a little harder on her other leg before a wood creaking and cracking sound got her attention. Fear was slowly welling up in her, but it quickly escalated when she looked back, the tree she was standing next to when the spiders shot their acid at her, had eaten away at the trunk, and the tree was starting to tilt in her direction! Panic took hold of her as she tried quick repeated attempts which were hard jolts with one leg to try and free one foot from the adhesive substance that held her captive to being squashed under a tree. It had no real yield in it, despite how hard she tried to move from that spot, her feet didn’t even move a centimeter with their strength alone. The trunk was threatening to break and fall full force at any moment, and she wasn’t any closer to getting unstuck. Then one thing came to mind, and it was her only chance, quickly taking her sword, she quickly pointed it at the substance, and fired at it a few times, while it looked like it took the hits, she could swear she didn’t feel nearly as much tension she felt a few minutes ago, but not wasting anymore time, she tried driving to the side, and at first she didn’t really move much, but she could tell she lifted before being pulled back, and the tension was a lot weaker now, and it was then she heard a loud *CRACK* it was now or never, mustering all her strength, she let out a loud yell as she dove to the side, her feet getting free, and she flew a few feet before landing around the same time the tree did. Letting out a sigh, Yuko propped herself up with her hands and looked at the tree behind her, and it was pretty wide, not to mention just about entirely round.

“Sure hope there weren’t any nests in that tree,” she commented, trying to calm her nerves a bit, but then noticed something, was the tree rolling? Yuko quickly looked ahead of her, and it was actually a clear shot towards a bit of an incline, but not nearly as severe as the mountain she had recently tumbled down. She quickly got to her feet, and just as she did, the tree was now rolling towards her a little faster.

“Oh yikes….” Yuko said before she quickly started sprinting away from the tree, and just in time as it really started moving! It was moving too fast and was too wide to try and get to a side and let it roll past her, she had better hope there was something that could stop it, or else she’d be flattened! Yuko panted heavily as she ran while the tree rolled after her down the hill, clipping other trees and knocking rocks loose in it’s wake. But Yuko saw a bit of hope, ahead was a gap long enough for the tree to fall into, likely a deep creek. Remembering how good she was at the long jump, this was a way to really prove herself of the title. Yuko kept up the pace with the tree not to far behind, and she soon started running along the flat stretch before the creek, she then started to sprint a little faster as she was starting to push herself to make sure she made it, and leaped right at her foot landed right before the edge, sailing over the wide creek as the tree fell into it with a loud crash.

“HAHA!” Yuko exclaimed with triumph just before she sailed over a set of bushes and out of the thicket, right out over a calm river!

“WAHHH”*SPPPPLLLLLLLAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSHHHHHHH* Was all that was heard from within the woods all the way up to the top of the trees. Yuko soon burst through the water’s surface gasping for air before falling under again, but then surfaced again as she climbed out onto the shallow part of the river, coughing and gasping.

“What is with me and falling off of ledges today?” she asked before whipping her head around to get her hair out of her face, glancing around things looked interesting from the riverbed, but soon her gaze met with a bunch of deer just looking at her from the other side. Her eyes just rolled up as she gave a faint huff to blow a little strand of hair out of her face back onto the top of her head. While getting up and picking up her sword in the process, she found the shallow portion was only shin deep, which was hard to tell when she was on her hands and knees before. The mountain she came from acted as a good way marker for her, and the river she is standing in was a good path to follow. Her feet slish sloshed in the shallow water as she made her way down the river, her attention going left and right to see if something was coming from the shore on either side, and down to try and make sure she didn’t step into a deep portion.

Once in awhile she’d stumble along the way due to either due to a faint hole that was hard to see, or she wound up walking through a thick patch of plants. Things were pretty silent and uneventful as she walked through the water, only seeing forms of regular non threatening wildlife along the way. She soon started to hear the sound of water actually rushing somewhere ahead, while the water she was in still remained pretty calm. Not too long later she actually came to a section where the river she was walking in, connected with another river, which was flowing a bit more wildly, obviously the source of water for it was moving a lot faster and stronger. As she drew nearer to it, she could actually feel the water around her mostly submerged legs being pulled a little cause the water was moving a bit faster here.

Not wanting to risk getting dragged down the river and possibly drown as the water might be deeper, she quickly went ashore before pressing any further into the river, and went to the very tip where the water met. It most certainly was rushing a lot faster on her left side than the river to her right, which she had been walking in till now.

“Hmmmm, how am I going to get down the river from here?” she asked herself. Quickly looking at the trees around her, she saw they were a bit different from the ones before.

“These are perfect for making a raft!” she stated, quickly looking around, she saw a branch with a long vine around it, quickly chopping the branch down, she was able to test the vine’s strength, giving firm hard yanks on a small section, it didn’t break, and felt very firm in her hands. Wanting to test it further, she made a loop at one end of the vine to be used for tying around a part of the raft, while the other end, to tied a makeshift stake to try and use for impeding into a desired target to stop the raft when she wanted. Walking over to the far left portion of the section of land she was on, she set the looped end of the vine down, while she spun the end with the stake around, before hurling it to the land across full force, and it hit it’s mark with a loud *THUNK* Yuko quickly gave a firm, hard steady yank on the vine, and it shook and trembled, and kept this single hard pull for several minutes, the vine wasn’t slipping off the stake, and the stake wasn’t coming loose.

She gave the vine several hard yanks, and eventually the stake popped free from where it had been imbedded, plopping into the river, and got dragged as far as it was able with the amount of vine Yuko was holding. She started to pull it back when suddenly something hit the stake, and she clearly heard some sort of flesh being impaled, and it was obviously something big and heavy as it pulled the vine right out of her hands, and quickly felt the vine that was on the ground tightly rushing past one of her legs.

Reacting quickly as she looked down, she lifted the one she felt the pressure one, but her eyes grew wide in horror as she realized she lifted the wrong foot entirely, as the foot that was in real danger was standing in the loop she made, and the vine quickly lifted, the loop hitting the back of her ankle, and fully tightened around said ankle, and just as quickly yanked that foot out from under her, her back hitting the ledge of the shore before falling fully into the river.

What do you guys think? I technically borrowed many things from the various version of the Valis 1 story, from the nes title, PC engine, even from the Henti slightly, and I mean slightly. You'll get no porno from me. Also, her armor is a tad different. While still the standard armor that appeared in all the games, the upper part actually goes from her neck, and actually goes to where her skirt connects. So no boobs or bellybuttons. razz
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My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis. - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis.   My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis. - Page 2 Icon_m13Wed 30 Mar 2011, 1:07 pm

Interesting stories, I like how some of Yuko's story is a bit different from the Valis I story. Keep it up cheers .
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My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis. - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis.   My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis. - Page 2 Icon_m13Mon 16 Jan 2012, 3:01 am

Absolutly AWESOME! I love it!
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My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis. - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis.   My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis. - Page 2 Icon_m13

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My fanfic, The Children of Destiny. Which crossesover with Valis.
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