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 Valis Anthology

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PostSubject: Valis Anthology   Valis Anthology Icon_m13Mon 31 Aug 2009, 1:04 am

In my never-ending quest to actually finish a long story (to make a long story short: combating laziness and MMOs), I've decided if anything, I was going to make short stories. In the spirit of making short stories, I decided I wanted to collect any short stories about Valis that people have made or worked on to put together a small shrine dedicated to Valis fanfics.

I won't go into all the legal bullhonkey because it should just be common freakin' sense. :3 If you don't know the legal stuff, it's pretty simple: no plagiarism and I'm not responsible for lost, damaged, stolen files or the possibility that other people think your writing skills suck and cause your reputation level to drop a few hunded points. Smile

Nonetheless, I'm asking people not to submit anything more than 5000 words and nothing less than 2500. This is because I want it to be at least a decent length to maintain a reader without giving them this "WTF" feeling when they get done reading.

Content-wise, I'll post anything from Everyone to 18+. However, I'll personally read through and review each submission. If something is deemed far too graphic (i.e. Yuko getting gang-raped by tentacle monsters), I'll ask you to either change it or simply deny its posting on the site, saying that our community doesn't support the degradation and defacing of our characters, aside from the fact that they're strong, independent women.

My e-mail's in my profile. If you send something to that address, please include any additional information you might want people to know. Also include relevant information to the story, such as title, plot summary, author details, and time it took to complete.
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Lord Adrian
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Lord Adrian

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PostSubject: Re: Valis Anthology   Valis Anthology Icon_m13Tue 30 Mar 2010, 8:45 am

Well my Valis V story would be a great submission and there will be no tentacle gang-banging guaranteed lol---period.
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Valis Anthology
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