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 Fanfic - Time Forever Altered

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Fanfic - Time Forever Altered Empty
PostSubject: Fanfic - Time Forever Altered   Fanfic - Time Forever Altered Icon_m13Thu 01 Jul 2010, 5:25 pm


They say time is like a river: a great body of water flowing in one direction with various branches from it's main stream dictate the posibilities that could have been but never were.

What I tell you is how one man single-handedly forced the flow of time forever down one of these ofshot branches:

Seven years before Yuko Asho took up the mantle of 'Valis Warrior', a great battle was waged in the lands of Vecanti between it's ruling body and the neighboring lands of Dreamworld. It is common knowledge that an unseen plot forced Queen Valia's hand to launch the attack upon Emperor Mortanius' lands. At first if looked as if Dreamland would indeed succeed... that was until Mortanius himself joined the battle. Mortanius himself was unrivled in direct conflict, killing many of Dreamland's best soldiers and, according to several reconds, single-handedly turned Dreamland and queen Valia back when all seemed lost.

This tale is passed down from generation to generation as a reminder of the ocne great strength that the Vecanti Empire once posessed before it's downfall... even so there were some who would not let this past act stay in the past.
One inparticular was a Chronomancer who had finally discovered how, safely, to physically travel back and forth in time. With this power he planned what he believed, would change events for the better.

Using this power he went back in time 15 years from his time to the very same battle with the intent in mind to change the outcome. He waited for his moment and when it came, the Chronomancer clutched at it with both hands tightly: in one fel swoop he altered the outcome of a battle... and forever changed the flow of time.

With one incantation, Mortanius died by this Chronomancer's hand. His sudden death sent Vecanti's military into a panic, many choosing rather to flee rather than risk fighting on. After that Dreamland's victory was assured. In the days that followed a kingdom-wide exodus of Vecanti took place: Millions of people gatherign what food and supplies they could carry and joined the now deposed royal family on their march eastward. As for the leasdership for these exiles... neither of the Emperor's sons, Megas and Rogles, could agree on whom would assum control of the exiles.

What follows now is a tale of how time has been irreprably altered with both damning... and beneficial changes to all involved.
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Fanfic - Time Forever Altered
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