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 El Viento debug findings

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PostSubject: El Viento debug findings   Sun 31 Oct 2010, 12:12 am

With MIJET releasing the El Viento enhancement patch just recently, there are various improvements and a dual language script. (Although Al Capone is STILL Vincent DeMarco, whoops) The most interesting part of this hack is access to El Viento's debug level (hold A+B+C when you start the game to enter it at level 0)

First of all, the El Viento patch is here.

Now for a few details. The demo level has no boss, no exit, and just one enemy, and doesn't use any new music (Just whatever the sound test is currently playing). Its landscape is basically a more advanced version of the ship level (level 4), and after a certain point becomes a maze where you have to find targets to hit to trigger chain reactions that destroy certain walls allowing you to proceed. The format to the landscape is more complex and full of obstacles than pretty much anything in the original game.

First bit towards the beginning with conveyor tiles and spikes to start. Notice that a number of spike tiles have blood at the bottom. The tiles with down arrows are not solid. The tablets with the asian writing on them can be destroyed.

Here's an interesting bit that never made it into the final game, swimmable water! Underwater your movement is slowed a little, you can't mach dash when on the ground. and you can jump infinite times to "swim" in it. Mach dashing in the air lets you dart forward a little each time without much vertical momentum, so if there was a narrow tunnel to swim through with spikes in it you wouldn't have much risk in trying to swim through using this technique. Naturally, gravity is lessened underwater, thus your jump height increases while you fall slower in it. This makes me think Wolfteam intended to put an actual swimming level somewhere in El Viento, but was taken out during development. The physics aren't perfect (The slowdown doesn't seem to happen when you're moving left for example)

The only "enemy" in the stage is a spike type object that blows up with one boomerang hit. Your HP falls VERY rapidly when in contact with these, and they don't even push you back or make you stagger, meaning you die very quickly if you touch these. They also have deceptively large hitboxes.

These green colored "water" tiles is what the final game uses for "water" areas, like the fight against the dragons or the bits you see inside the ship. These tiles push you upward to the very top of them. The debug level uses these in several areas to climb up shafts. In a couple spots they serve as dick moves as they push you right through a row of unavoidable spikes.

A couple of items at display here. I have no idea what the chest does, but these spinning coins with the star on them give you your next spell in sequence through the game (water, wind, explosion, arrows)

A couple of weird creatures that act like fuse tiles from the ship level. These create chain reactions that allows neighboring tiles to be destroyed in sequence.

A glitch sometimes happens when you go off the edge of the conveyor tiles here while trying to grab the spell coin. The graphics glitch up and the game crashes. Oops. Notice the swimmable water in the ceiling. It's part of a much larger pool of water scattered about this wide open area about 3 quarters of the way through.
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El Viento debug findings
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