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 I'm a "NERF"

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Lord Adrian
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I'm a "NERF" Empty
PostSubject: I'm a "NERF"   I'm a "NERF" Icon_m13Fri 13 May 2011, 8:10 am

Well I guess I'll talk about a couple of Nerf guns I got/or had.

1: Nerf N strike Mavrick-It's a revolver type handgun with a six shot chamber. When you pull the slide back you "pump the gun" but you rotate the chamber by pulling the trigger.
Pros: It's very accurite and a good back up weapon.
Con: Some times the trigger might cause the chamber to skip so you end up miss firing.
Rating: 4/5 happy eyes

2: N Strike Vulcan-It's like a Light Machine Gun, it's belt fed so jamming is rather rare but you never now. It can be fired in Full Auto (switch on) or Single Fire (Switch Off). It comes with a 25 shot belt and tripod.
Pros: It's very accurite and stable for a full auto firing gun.
Cons: It pisses darts like you wouldn't beleave.
Rating: 5/5 cheers

3: N strike Long Shot-It's a sniper rifle that fires foam darts nuff said.
Pros: It's a sniper rife so accurcy is high.
Con: Because I live in a dubble wide trailer I can't really judge how far it can really shoot. Six or Seven shots isn't really enough, bring on the high cap magazines.
Rating: 4.5/5 happy heart

4: N Strike Stampede-This like to have broke my heart, I wanted to enjoy this gun but I must have bought a defective version sad . It's suppost to be an assualt rifle with full auto and high cap magazines, because mine was a defect I can't say how good this is.
Pros: High Cap Magazines.
Con: Jams easily.
Rating: 1.5/5 mad
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I'm a "NERF"
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