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 Monster University Project: Characters

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Monster University ---Youkai Gakuen ---
Character List

Kinryuu Family

Kinryuu Hisui
A soft spoken male from the Kinryuu family, he has brown hair and brown eyes. His facial appearance is much of a pretty boy, and he is a junior at the Yokai Shoen Highschool. He is a dragon half, with slightly more control of his breathing and transformational abilities as a dragon. His eyes turn green and his hair legthens to thigh long when he is in draconic form.

Kinryuu Temari
Cute, bubbly, and overly hyperactive, she has lavender hair and red eyes. She is a freshman at the Yokai Shoen Highschool. She is not too splendid when it comes to breath and transformation. She retains all of her features as a dragon.

Kinryuu Arisu
The purest of the Kinryuus, and also the next in line for the throne. She is a housewife and vice president by day, protective dragon woman by night. She has black hair and blue eyes, but under the light of the moon, she becomes a white haired, red eyed menace to those who harm her family.

Ginryuu Family

Ginryuu Kohaku
A loud mouth from the prosperous Ginryuu family, he is usually the Sunohara type- flirty with obviously violent acts done against his will towards him. As such, he has a blonde ponytail which ends in a rat-tail like tip, and red eyes. He is also a junior, and retains his blonde ponytail in draconic form, only to gain golden eyes.

Hakurei Family

Atsuko Hakurei
A young, tomboyish lady with a spunky persona, she is a junior and the class rep of class F-2. Her hair starts out orange, but fades to white on the tips, while her eyes are ice blue. She is a kitsune, but she only has 1 tail. As such, she aims to perfect her powers. Her Best Ending features her as the wife of Hisui.

Nakumi "Mama Nakumi" Hakurei
The lady of the Hakurei estate, and usually drunk. She has long, natrually copper hair that reaches to the floor, and hides one of her golden eyes. She is somewhat of cryptic woman, speaking of crude jokes only someone who originates from the Hakurei house would understand. As the leader of Hakurei, she has 9 tails, which droop because of her old age. She also is dressed commonly in a kimono which is drooped past her shoulders even though it manages to hide her nipples. It doesn't hide her cleavage and upper breasts well, which reflects her drunkiness.

Gene Hakurei
The elder sister to Atsuko, she is a bikergirl Kitsune with a a simple camo tanktop which is extremely tight on the chest area with tight black skinnyjeans. She has black hair in a style similiar to anime of the old years, with golden eyes as well. She is rather muscular for a female- in Kitsune Phase, she has 3 tails, making her the next in line. She's slightly controlling, but she is actually quite sweet despite her mean and ungrateful persona.

Oda Family

Kyuri Oda
A loli best descirbed as a childish type at best, her hair is short and green, and her eyes are as blue as the sea. At home, she is trained in the way of the sword, and has lost many of the duels with her father. She is short, and oddly looks younger than most freshmen. She is rescued by Hisui after nearly drying up, and her Best Ending features her going on a date with the Hisui, in her favorite spot- the river outside the town.

Wan Family

Katrina Wan
A cheerful werewolf lady, she is the homeroom teacher of Atsuko and Hisui's class. She has natrually red hair in a braid, and has green eyes- and her werewolf form is much like a anthro golden retriever in personality, since she happens to be distracted by anything dogs like. Her students usually toss frisbees out the window to skip class.

Eriksdottir Family

Sigridr Eriksdottir
A half-frost giant who ended up being sent to the academy because they thought it would help her get acquainted with proper society. Pale and white haired, but with brilliant, blue eyes, she is also immensely strong, a bit afraid of what normal-sized peopel might think of her, and considering her rather outstanding height (8 -1/2 feet at least), she's just a bit paranoid about skirtflipping or other underskirt peeks. Even though not many are especially actively interested in such things. She is also rather quietly competitive.
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Monster University Project: Characters
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