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PostSubject: Character Archives   Sun 20 Apr 2008, 4:18 am

Being a veteran board RPer, I know that it's important to keep a list of characters on hand so people know who all is playing who. Typically, hardcore RP boards seem to make extravagant and detailed forms to be filled out whereas casual boards leave it up to the player or use a very simplified form.

I'd like to start an archive so we all can get to know each others' characters. I'll create two forms - one simplified and one detailed - so we can put down character information. I might start something in the next week or so depending upon how much interest is shown.

Simplified Form

Name: Self explanatory.

Age: Self explanatory.

Height/Weight: Self explanatory.

General Appearance: Self explanatory.

Powers: Briefly describe characters abilities.

History/Background: Simple history and background information.

Detailed Form

Name: Self explanatory.

Age: Self explanatory.

Height/Weight: Self explanatory.

General Appearance: Without directly referencing height and weight, describe their common dress code. If it changes daily, such as the case with a modern/contemporary character, denote their typical style.

Personality: Without addressing hobbies and interests, describe how they generally are. If you have trouble figuring out how to describe it, use this to determine one and answer all the questions as if you were the character themselves.

Hobbies/Interests: Self explanatory.

Attributes: Any elemental or status strengths, weaknesses, resistances, absorptions, and anything else related to property-based concepts go here.

Powers: Describe all powers and their limitations, if any.

History/Background: Give a detailed history or background. Omit anything that most other characters wouldn't be able to easily know, such as a mysterious character's dark past.

Additional Notes: Anything else you deem worth noting.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Archives   Mon 28 Apr 2008, 2:49 am

Here are my fave four characters:

Name: Sparrowhawk (Spar for short)
Age: 21
Species: Hedgefox
Bio: Spar is an independent young woman who can control birds. She had a blue chicken named Chibi who used to follow her everywhere. Spar isn't the type of girl who is swept off her feet very easily. She is also somewhat tomboyish, not having had any sisters and few female friends.
Attacks: Kamehameha wave (learned from Goku), Aqua ring, Icicle rain.


Name: Orion
Age: 19
Species: Hedgefox
Bio: Orion is a Martial artist, who is a lot like Goku. He is very naive and too trusting. Orion is also a Pyromaniac. If there is one thing Orion fears, its bunnies. No one knows why Orion is afraid of bunnies, but they sure do tease him about it when they find out. Orion always calls Linkmax "Linkie-poo", and it angers Linkmax to no end.
Attacks: Kamehameha wave (learned from Goku), Firaga, Flare, Shadow's illusion, Blood fist.


Name: Linkmax
Age: 19
Species: Hedgefox
Bio: Linkmax is the electronics expert, who specializes in weapons manufacturing and Halo 2. He isn't as social as Spar and Orion though. He prefers to be alone most of the time. The one thing that really sets Linkmax apart from his siblings is his bionic left eye. Orion had poked Linkmax's real eye out with a fork at age 3. So Spar created a bionic eye for him. The bionic eye lets Linkmax zoom in on people and see through certain objects, making him a superb sniper. Although Linkmax didn't train with Goku, like Orion and Spar did, he is still a formidable opponent. Linkmax's weakness is Pizza.
Attacks: Scan, eye beam, Giga flare.


Name: Edward
Age: 21
Species: Hedgefox/Clone
Bio: Edward is the evil male clone of Sparrowhawk. He was created by Professor Natalie Bunny, as an alternative wife for Lonko originally. But Lonko had accidentally knocked the Professor's brother's DNA into the DNA sample stolen from Spar's hairbrush. The Professor's brother had been a mass murderer before being sentenced to death. After Edward's creation, Lonko tried to kill him. But ended up being thrown into a bunch of chemicals by Edward, causing the laboratory to explode. Professor Bunny didn't make it, and Edward had barely survived. Feeling as if he was nothing more than an Echo of someone else, he decided the only way he could be a true being would be to kill the original Sparrowhawk. After a long fight with her brother Linkmax, causing the loss of Edward's right leg, Edward accidentally released the Ancient demon known as Lord Paradoxis from Linkmax's body. After Paradoxis and Edward escaped, Edward swore his alligance to the demon, thus earning him the red Crescent shaped marking on his right cheek. Shortly after this Edward had killed many people, on Paradoxis' orders. Though Edward never cared much for obeying the demon. Orion Danger went to stop Edward after he'd heard about the killings and Edward fell in love with the Hedgefox. He swore to Orion that'd he wouldn't kill anymore, unless defending himself. He also promised never to harm any one of the Danger family. Paradoxis was not happy with this, and used his power over Edward to cause him pain and suffering.
Attacks: -Edward has no special attacks-

Long time member. Not always active. heh-heh
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Valis Fantasm Soldier (Armor: Level 1)

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PostSubject: Re: Character Archives   Mon 28 Apr 2008, 2:52 pm

Name: Roger Sindel

Age: Unknown

Height/Weight: 6'0"/256 lbs.

General Appearance: Roger is rather slim, but maintains a moderate girth by wearing trench coats and other loose-fitting attire. He almost always wears an old-style hat with large brims that cover his face when he wears it low. His hair, while very rarely seen, is a dark brown, of medium length, and is unkempt. He also wears highly polished black boots and wears matching leather gloves. With the exception of the latter accessories, he may change the color of his attire from day to day, but it is almost always the same: a trench coat, large-brimmed hat, the black gloves and boots.

Personality: Roger doesn't have much to say. He's very reserved and doesn't seek to change that. However, he's not shy by any means. He's simply a businessman, so to speak. Nobody really knows how Roger works. All he seems to be is business: listen for possible contracts, gather the intel, make the contract, and fulfill the terms. Those who have dealt with him before say that he can be very harsh in his methods, but never changes his tone and always remains calm no matter what the situation.

Hobbies/Interests: His only hobbies are gathering intelligence and hunting wanted men or beasts. His only interests are his contracts with his clients.

Attributes: Everything on him is of Neutral/Non-Elemental-property. Except maybe some nifty "fireworks."

Powers: Roger mysteriously has no "powers", but he does seem to be able to gather information unlike people have never seen. Specifically, he seems to obtain much of it from the internet at very high rates of speed. However, whether this is due to his knowledge of networking or an unusual skill or ability is unknown.

History/Background: As quiet and reserved as Roger Sindel is, nobody knows about his past except him. And if you ask him about it, he's likely not going to reply. However, those fortunate few he's found trust in have edged a little out of him.

He doesn't even know much of his own history. He remembers watching a building burn to the ground without any signs of emotion. He remembers that the building was some sort of laboratory, but for what he doesn't know. He remembers that the first thing that ran through his mind at that moment were the words: "Save humanity...destroy them all..."

Since then, he's been working on his own, researching and collecting as much information as he can on his past. Between times of progress, he's learned to become a mercenary to further fund his research. Thus he goes about to bars, clubs, and inns in towns and cities across the world searching for people in trouble or in need of help, drawing up contracts to have him solve their problems. His terms are usually simple: pay how you wish, but if you don't follow the terms, you're as dead as the next person.

So far he's maintained a very hushed reputation, even among other mercenaries. They've either heard of him or they've not, and usually those that have still don't have much to say. Those who have been sent to hunt him down have never returned or even been found...

Additional Notes: Roger is an obviously mysterious character and I intend to keep it that way until he's become involved in more RPs. Once he's been in a few, I'll start adding to the profile.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Archives   Mon 05 May 2008, 3:09 am

Out of curiousity, what kind of RP are these character sheets for? Or can we just pick any sort of character we want to post a sheet for? Just wondering.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Archives   Mon 05 May 2008, 3:38 pm

Feel free to post whatever characters you'd like. After all, any character can be written into any kind of RP. The character sheets are for any character, but most school-based RP boards use a similar setup. Since I used to RP at those kinds of boards in HS, I know how thorough and/or simple they can be, so I just left it up to you as to how much you want to post about your character and used simple guidelines.
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Valis Fantasm Soldier (Armor: Level 1)

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PostSubject: Re: Character Archives   Sun 18 May 2008, 9:05 pm

Name: Leon Valitzer

Age: 19

Height/Weight: 5'9"/148 lbs.

General Appearance: Leon's apparel changes each day, but he always has the same messy, medium-length bronze hair, dark brown eyes, and lightly tanned complexion. When he's in his Guardian form, he always dons a full suit of bright yellow armor which cackles with electricity. His eyes then turn completely golden and sizzle with the same energy as his armor.

Personality: Leon's normally an energetic, outgoing person with a slight ego and cocky attitude. He's generally warm-hearted though and tends to help people out when he can. He's sociable, but tends to blunder more often than not, resulting in a comedic episode for everyone. People tend to console him for it more often than ridicule him, so he takes it well and simply calls it his "class act", noting that no one else in his class has quite the same sense of humor.

When he's in the heat of fierce adversity, he often dons the form of the Guardian of Thunder and fights to preserve the balance of power that was laid out by the guardians before him. Being that he seeks to preserve balance and not fight for right or wrong, he helps those who need it as opposed to fighting for a side he believes in. While being one of the more powerful guardians, this neutrality means he'll never tip the scales, but rather balance them as they start gearing towards one side. He seems to be more heroic in this form, trading cockiness for confidence, ego for pride, and outgoing for reserve. He seems almost different, but he still has many similar aspects as his natural form.

Hobbies/Interests: Normally, games of any kind, sports, and martial arts are his hobbies of choice. If he isn't doing one, he's doing another. As a guardian, he doesn't have hobbies so much, but he takes interest in many otherworldly matters, particularly those dealing with alignment issues. In this sense, he's much like a public official.

Attributes: Sources power from the Thunder/Lightning element. Is vulnerable to Earth elements as they absorb his energy nearly infinitely. Is strong against Metal- and Water-based elements as they are good conductors of electricity and amplify his power. His supporting element is Fire and the element he supports is Air.

Powers: Leon has minor-level control over electricity or electrically-powered objects in his natural forms, but has a cosmic-level control over electrical energy in his guardian form. In his natural form, he's limited to merely charging or discharging electricity or to transferring electrical energy from one source to another. In his guardian form, he has the ability to control almost any electrically-charged energy and manipulate it to his will, but cannot create any physical objects with his power. It should be noted that he can only control negatively-charged ions when it comes to a molecular level. Fire, his supporting element, typically gets the positively-charged ones.

History/Background: Leon was a typical person until one day when he was assaulted in the middle of school by a powerful demon. During the attack, his latent powers woke up within him and gave him enough power to fight off the demon. After the fight, he was knocked unconscious and summoned by the gods. The gods explained that he was the first in thousands of years to show the ability to control the power of thunder. They also explained the circle of Guardians, which controlled the various elements and preserved the balance of power. They offered Leon the chance to learn about and develop his power as a Guardian of Thunder, to which he curiously agreed. They then gave him his gear, appropriately titled the "Thor Armor", granting him the Norse god Thor as his overseeing deity and sending him off on various adventures, allowing him to learn and grasp more of his power and to pass the many trials the gods sought to put him through.

After three years of hard training and many trials and tribulations, Leon was able to master his power as a guardian and take his place among the circle to preserve the balance set by his predecessors. He decided that being a full-time guardian was not his wish, and so offered the gods a deal so that he could be summoned any time there was trouble in the balance and still enjoy a decent human life. It was at this time that he returned to school and graduated, moving on to college in a different location.

Though he goes to college, he only goes part time and doesn't hold a job (because he could be summoned at any time and college is the only thing he could excuse himself from). He's free the rest of the time, usually taking on any of his favorite hobbies with very little social life.

Additional Notes: While ultimately a cosmic-level being, Leon exercises great caution as to when he uses his powers and when he decides to use his guardian form. This sometimes comes at a fault due to his reluctance to use his power even in great adversity.
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PostSubject: RE: Character Archives   Fri 19 Sep 2008, 8:53 am

Name: Gaki

Age: 17 (Looks 10)

Height/Weight: 1.04 m (3'5'')/47.73 kg (105.23 lb.)

Appearance: As noted above, Gaki has the stature and features of your average child, thanks to a certain demonic brother of his. He wears a green bandana with white circles over his head, which covers most of his golden brown hair, with a small shock of hair sticking out in front and a medium length ponytail behind. He also has a tattered wayfarer's cape, with a blue shoulder plate on his right shoulder, which he wears in memory of his fallen beloved, Valiae Aurelia. Concerning the lower part of his body, he wears dark green cloth pants and brown leather shoes. As for his weapon, he wields a rather ornamental looking silver spear with a ruby tip. Some say that the tip is actually angel's blood, and the spear was made in ancient times during a holy war told to last a millenia for demon slaying.

One thing worth noting is that only his pants are tailored to fit his newly aquired ten year old body, so his loosely fitting cape and shirt make Gaki look shorter than he really is, resulting in many people referring to him as a cute kid, which annoys the hell out of him.

Personality: Most times, he's a bit angsty and reclusive, speaking very little and usually wearing a face of seriousness. However, he is certainly not one to turn down help from those willing to contribute to his cause in any way. He hates those who insult his appearance and those who don't take him seriously, and can be quick to anger depending on how much alcohol is in his system. Also, he's something of a gentleman at times, having a deep respect for all women and acting somewhat polite around them. He has even sworn not to harm another of the opposite gender, after witnessing the brutal deaths of his older sister, mother, and lover.

Hobbies: He wanders far and wide in search of his younger brother to exact revenge. Not really much to it. Then again, he likes to drink away problems, though I couldn't tell you how he even gets into bars. He doesn't really get a kick out of asking random interesting people about the whereabouts of his brother, so I can't really call that an interest.

Attributes: More of a Wind/Shadow kind of guy, though he knows no actual magic.

Powers: Dragoon Dive (think Dragoon/Kain/Freya from FF3 or FF5/FF4/FF9 respectively), sticking on walls and ceilings, running with a speed akin to a charging horse. and blending in with shadowy places. Also has smoke bombs he uses for some techniques, like disappearing.

Background: At the age of 10, he witnessed his younger brother Kage (pronounced "kah-gay") sacrifice his teenage sister to summon a demon, which he then used to kill his parents and wipe out their entire village. Gaki was the only one lucky enough to survive this morbid ordeal, though he had nowhere to go. So for three long years, Gaki lived off of what he could steal from passing travellers, honing in on his thievery skill. Life was hard, but the young boy managed what he could.

Then, one night he tried to steal from a peculiar old man who seemed to be travelling alone, but was caught. The man, who later revealed himself as a retired Dragoon Knight, decided to spare Gaki's life in exchange for his service to him as his heir, in hopes to keep the old way of Dragoons alive. Gaki willingly trained under this old man, applying what he learned to his stealth skills. Eventually, he enlisted with the resistance against the self-proclaimed demon king, Sargeth. During his time of service, he met and later fell in love with Valiae, who was a skilled swordswoman and mercenary shunned by society because of the vampiress blood that flowed through her veins. After the final battle with Sargeth, it was later learned that Kage had been pulling the strings of the "demon king", and that he was the true mastermind. The couple tried to apprehend the wayward brother, but the battle ended with Valiae slain, Gaki turned into a child, and Kage making his escape. Now Gaki will not rest until those close to him are avenged and his demon brother brought to justice.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Archives   Wed 12 Nov 2008, 11:43 pm

Name: Kraven Arc

Age: 28

Height/Weight: 5'11"/168 lbs.

Appearance: His blue dress coat and magic crested gloves give him the appearance of a younger fellow, but the few deep scars and sorrowful Egyptian blue eyes are contradictory. His faded blond hair is a perfect match to his (all too often) mud covered boots and dirt speckled pants, both of which were black. He does have dress cloths, featuring a hand made doublet, but frowns upon the formality of them.

Personality: Kraven is a go-getter, as seen in his involvement with many-a political struggle and his devout history. His warrior nature provides a dash of aggressiveness and the intellect given to him by his master has taught him patience among other valuable skills. His face is often drenched in seriousness and worry, but he has a humorous, all be it underdeveloped, side.

Hobbies: Often found in the depths of his library, he loves to find new and innovative ways to fight a battle. Sword play is a regularly scheduled routine matched with a few hour of meditation. He loves baths and tries to take as many as possible in a day, which is a goal that happens to fall short from his callings. He teaches a few school classes, but he finds them simple waste baskets for his energy.

Attributes: He has an average understanding of many magics, but his gloves give him a magnificent boost to abilities. He draws his weapons from said gloves and, once completed with his work, returns it.

Power: Basic magic (most of which is physically draining). He is often considered a strategic genius, which gives him a sort of self absorbency. Crack him mentally, and you could do far more damage then any blade.

History: Kraven knew his mother (Lisa) and father (Phoenix) well, living with them for most of his childhood. They knew more about his potential than he ever did, and when soldiers came looking for it, they sent him away with his sister (Alice) and brother (Wes). His wagon was escorted by guards, but that only attracted the attention of bandits.

Wes and Alice were taken away, but the guards got a hold of Kraven. He was handed over to Talon, a mean old Arch-mage. Training started shortly after his arrival. He had two adapts working with him, which eventually became his only friends. He was taught basic magics: shooting fire balls, pulsing lightning, and very simple telekinesis, but he was also taught about the battle field. Sparing and group warfare with talon's dummies were a proverbial light at the end of his tunnel.

A short while after his graduation, Talon bit the dirt. It was all shrouded in mystery, with plenty of death threats towards anyone who wanted to dig up facts. Kraven was left alone for dead from there. He had plenty of wondering to do, and nobody really knows how he ends up in the places that he does...

(Note: this is a very, very dumbed down version, so don't blame me if it seems a bit to vague at the end. Besides, if I really RP with him, he needs a reason to end up anywhere...)


Hope you liked it!
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PostSubject: Re: Character Archives   Sun 10 Apr 2011, 2:54 pm

Probably should make a new registration for this, but I'll post here for the time being.

Name: Lena Bland(Or is it Brand? Let me know and I'll fix it if need be.)

Age: Unknown


Personality: Lena has a strong will, willing to do what must be done for the greater good. While saddened by her sister's death, Lena still has a cheerful personality, and a warm heart, if not a bit still naive.

Hobbies: Training to keep fit and athletic is the most prominant one, but her other hobbies are rather unknown.

Attributes: Skilled with the blade, Lena is able to be considered the best swordswoman in the land compared to all the others, clearly earning her the title of the Valis Warrior. She's also been perfecting her magic skills to fully use the Valis sword.

Powers: Even before getting the Valis sword, Lena was able to cast energy waves and energy balls, up to a lightning cascade. Since aquireing teh sword, she has been how ever, working on perfecting her skills with magic, and thus has unlocked some of it's original powers back when Yuko first used it.

History: Lena joined Valna's army at a fairly young age a good few years after Yuko bested Glames in battle, and thus vanished with both the Valis sword and Leethus. Cham took the young trainee under her charge, and saw the potential Lena had as a soldier, is not a possible canidate to take Yuko's place as protector of the worlds when the time came.

Lena's sister Amu eventually joined the army as well, proving herself as a fairly unique warrior compared to everyone else, mostly cause of her bird she always had with her, which somehow would somehow act as her weapon when she'd use her staff.

Under Cham's watchful eye and training, the two sisters were turning out to be the best in the entire force. Eventually Garugia appeared out of nowhere, and took the forces by surprise, busting into the castle, and capturing Valna. After such a painful display of failing to protect their queen from a surprise attack, most of the forces were filled with grief, if not absolute shame at failing at their duty, barely keeping Garugia's forces at bay from destroying the land.

Durring the calm of it all, Lena's warrior instincts took full hold of her, taking matters into her own hands, she started setting out to finish Garugia on her own, but Cham quickly prevented her from doing so, feeling that Lena was not quite ready to take on the task, and didn't seem to change her mind when Amu too was feeling the same as Lena, but upon hearing the voice of Yuko after watching her get taken into the sky so many years ago, Cham knew the time had indeed finally come.

Cham gave them one quick final training session as they made their way out of the castle and onto the battlefield, knowing time was precious. Once out on the battlefield, where a good few of Garugia's troops still roamed, Lena and Amu bested them all, and even one of his generals.

They soon found Valna and Garugia within his H.Q. in the Dreamworld. But, he had plans for Valna elsewhere, and wasn't phased by how only two Warriors managed to get to his place, and rightly so, his power bested their attacks and put Lena and Amu upon the brink of death with just one swing, quickly aiming to finish off Lena first, but soon the two sisters were quickly teleported away, and just as quickly healed.

Lena was shocked by how they were saved by one who appeared to be of the same race as Garugia. Their rescuer quickly revealed himself as Asfal, and the shocking truth that Garugia was his own son. Already aware of how they didn't stand a chance against Garugia at their current level, Asfal revealed to the two young warriors that he knows of where the Sword of Valis is, and how it's probably the only weapon that will be able to best his son.

Having no other options, Lena and Amu followed him, and he was appearently already was on his way to get the sword, as they were pretty close to a tower that led to where the Sword of Valis rested. Making it through the tower was indeed very difficult, but they soon found themselves within a void where not only the sword of Valis rested, but Yuko as well!

Yuko at this point was now awakened in her goddess form, and was already aware of the situation, even more so she knows where Garugia went with Valna, the world she spent most of her life, the Human world. Yuko knew very well what taking up the Sword of Valis would entale, yet despite showing her past as the last Wielder of Valis, Lena was willing to take the risk, knowing what it would mean for the world if she didn't stop Garugia.

Admiring Lena's will and courage for the task, Yuko then willing to give her the sword, but first Lena had to make it through a test to prove herself worthy to take up the sword. Lena was up to the task, making her way through Valhalla, Lena came across apart of the test she wasn't expecting, two Yukos. One taking on Yuko's appearance when she took on Glames, and her current self, and she wasn't about to back down. She was comming weather Lena was officially prepared to take her on or not.

It was a true test indeed, and Lena bested the famed Valis warrior, which is a title within itself. Yuko was proud of how strong and determined Lena was, reminding her of herself back then. The moment Len took up the handle of the Valis sword, it's power quickly channaled through her, doubling her power, and changing her armor, she was now ready to take on Garugia.

Quickly heading to the human world with her two companions, they arrived to find a city overrun with Garugia's forces. Making their way through the streets, sewers and rooftops, they eventually bested another of his generals. The trio eventually arrived as Garugia was about to do what he said he was going to do with Valna back when Lena and Amu first encountered him.

Taking up his weapon, he quickly hurled it at Valna, Lena watched in horror as she appeared to be too late. However, Amu moved faster than ever before, and intercepted his weapon, saving Valna's life, while costing herself her own. Her sister's death only fueled Lena's will to protect everyone even further, quickly giving chase after Garugia, Lena finally faced off with him, eventually dealing the death blow.

Lena was unsure how to feel after her victory over Garugia, as she and Asfal parted ways without saying anything, and she went on her own path with the Valis sword after burrying her sister, who's bird sat atop her grave marker for a bit before leaving. Lena was unsure where her path would take, but she knew she couldn't give up the fight, she'd continue it as long as it lasted, or as long as she'd be able to fight.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Archives   Mon 11 Apr 2011, 1:30 pm

Here's my first characer for this...


Name: Nero

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has short blond hair, green eyes, usually hidden behind a visor, and wears a green shirt and brown pants. When he's suited up for battle, he wears a darker green armor, but only a breastplate, boots, and gauntlets.

Personality: He's a brave, good-hearted young man, and quite the adventuring spirit as well. While he won't go out of his way to do something incredibly stupid most of the time, he loves a good adventure when he can. He will, however, put others before himself, even putting himself in harm's way to protect someone he cares about.

Hobbies: Nero's somewhat interested in games. If he sees a game that looks fun while on an adventure, and has the time to do so, he'll try to get a chance to try it out, but he won't o out of his way to find them, especially if he's already busy enough with other matters.

Attributes: He's an intelligent person, more than able to think his way out of most situations. Not only that, but he's also quite the adept swordsman. However, he has nothing in the way of magical abilities himself.

Background: Nero had always aspired to be an adventurer, and trained himself to become a swordsman. Eventually, he was offered a place on a merchants' caravan as a guard. Seeing his chance to have the adventure he'd dreamed of, he accepted the job without a second thought. He defended the caravan from small bands of thieves between towns, and in one town, he was asked to join in on a local board game, thus fueling his inerest in them.

Eventually, he left the caravan when it arrived in a large city, deciding to go out on his own and see the world for himself.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Archives   Thu 21 Apr 2011, 3:04 pm

Here's the Bio I made for several RP forums:

-Name –
Arthur Irving


-Class –
Fighter / Mage / Sword fighter (2-swords style)

-Alignment –

-Race –

-Gender –

-Age –

He is 5'10" tall. he weighs at 210 lbs. has brown spiky hair. Has Brown eyes. As for the face, there is a small x-shaped mark across his forehead. He has a somewhat muscular body. around his chest area, one may find a burn cut going across his chest (that was due to one of his training practices.)

He wears a Navy Blue tunic with a green bandanna. The tunic has Phoenix emblems around it. He has a Blue shirt underneath his tunic. He is also wearing Blue Pants, with a brown belt. His flaming swords are strapped behind him in the shape of a X.

during the times he's not in combat, Arthur will be kind enough to help the locals of the village. Sometimes he might be protective about his past, remembering what happened at his own village. As he makes new friends, He will always be loyal to them, joining them during adventures. As for those who oppose or challenges him in a battle, he could get rather fierce.

-First Impression-
When you see him for the first time, You'll probably see him training with either magic, or beating up nearby object with his fists. In that case, you'll want to be careful approaching him, because you might get in the way of his training and end up with a few broken bones. If he's not training, he'll be relaxing and it'll be easier to greet him.

-Fighting Style –
He uses two different kinds of style. the first consists of using his broadswords. the other style, a form of hand-to-hand street fighting. He always fight with honor. when he fights using his swords, he usually swings the swords in different direction, expanding his area of attack. As for fighting without a weapon, he tends to deliver minor to moderate damage using his blitz techs.

a pair of flame broadswords - His primary weapons. The swords emanate fire from the blade, capable of fire damage. was given to him as he left the village of the mages.

He also uses his fists in combat (could potentially be his strongest style. Used as a last resort).

Due to intense training, Arthur can learn various physical skills known as blitz. He is also capable of casting some of his ultimate magic thanks to the mages who trained him (Although he can only use these spells during life threatening fights and decisions).

Blitzes: Physical abilities that Arthur can use if he fights Barehanded.
(Note: These are not spells.)

(Note: When it comes to using Blitz, he is required to use physical strength. As he continues using these techniques, He will eventually fatigue from all the times he attacks.)

Pummel - low physical damage to one random enemy using multiple punches. Uses up 10% Physical strength.

Thrust - moderate physical damage to one enemy regardless of enemy defense. As the fist make contact with the armor, he uses some of his ki energy to form a force on the other side of the armor, causing damage. Uses 25% Physical Strength, seeing as he uses a little more energy to penetrate enemy defenses.

Power Beam - non-elemental beam blast towards a single enemy for moderate damage. This will use up at least 30 - 50% Physical Strength. reason being is because of the amount of energy he'll be using.

Suplex - Lift enemy into air and send the enemy crashing down for high damage. uses 45% of physical strength if successful. if user failed to grab the enemy, then 10% is wasted instead.

-Magic –
(Note: Here's an example of what I mean by Mana Drain: As Arthur casts a spell, the level of the spell will determine how much of his magical energy will be drained. If he uses too much magic, he'll start to mentally fatigue, not enabling him to casts spells for a while.)

(Note:successful rates determine the chances of the spell is successfully casted, not chance of hitting.)

Mana Drain: Moderate
Element: Fire
Target: multiple, AoE
Range: 10 Meters
When scorcher is used, the caster charges the swords with the fire element. after the charge is complete, the caster then swings the swords, sending a row of fire across from him, hitting anything in the way. The flame will retain full power until the end of the spell. The caster is limited to 5 swings until he needs a mental rest.

The damage one can expect from this attack, is equivalent to a moderate punch to the chest, along a wave of fire that will light most cloth substances and other flammable items.

He can send out multiple waves if he wields multiple weapons. The charge time is the same as it will be charged for both weapons at the same time.

The spell takes a good 5 seconds to cast. Success rate: 90%

Counteraction: either dodge the wave, or hit it with a water related spell.

(Note: if the caster uses a sword of the same element as of the spell, the attack power is increased by 5%. also, casting is shortened by 2 secs.)

(Note: if it by any chance fails, the spell will simply fizzle out.)

Mana Drain: High
Element: Fire
Target: Single, multiple, AoE
Range: From single target: 9 FT Radius
When Explosion is used, the caster begins to produce an orb around his hands. During this time, the caster begins pouring the fire element into the orb. upon the completion. the caster then sends the orb towards the target. upon making contact, the orb then explodes, causing fire elemental damage around the area.

In terms of damage, It is similar to that of a high damage to the body.

The caster is limited to 1 Explosion at a time, with 2 being the absolute limit before he takes a mental rest.

The spell will take 30 secs. to charge, with a 75% chance of success.

In the case that the spell would fail. one of two scenarios could occur:

1. the orb would explode before the caster could use it, dealing damage towards self and those in range. in regards to damage, the caster himself will take a heavy amount of damage, while the damage for the others will be somewhat moderate.

2. Should it miss it's target, it'll travel 50 meters past the target, which then it will explode.

Counteraction: Try to dodge. Water related spells could interrupt Explosion.

Ultimate Spell:
Element: Holy
Target: Single, Multiple, AOE
Range: 5 yard Radius
Mana Drain: Severe - Intense - Near complete (Talking about almost what's left of his mana)
Casting Procedure: Intense Concentration, followed by a chant. as the chant goes on, a circle appears on the ground. as soon as the chant is complete, lightning of holy attribute strikes at the area.

It takes about a minute for the chant to be completed. During this time, a shield of energy will be formed around him. the shield will go away after it's hit by either a powerful melee attack, or a spell of any attribute. the spell could be interrupted in any way, seeing as how he'll be open to attacks after the shield is broken.

In terms of damage, seeing how this is his ultimate spell, it will inflict extreme damage.

chances of success is 80%. Skill will fail if enemies (or opponent) manages to dodge, or if caster is hit during chanting.

Back where he came from, Arthur was considered a troublemaker, due to the fact that whenever he gets into fights, he tends to ruthlessly beat his opponents to the point that they can't move anymore. One day, a bandit came to town, pillaging the townsfolk of their weapons. Willing to challenge the bandit, Arthur went to challenge the bandit. during the battle, something happened to Arthur. He, for some unknown reason, He went on a berserk rage that killed the bandit. The villagers, both in awe and shocked at what he did, They decided to exile Arthur from the village so that way they don't risk him possibly destroying the village. Along his Journey, he trained constantly to keep his rage in check in order to maintain his sanity. He eventually met a village of mages that trained him in the art of magic. After years of training, he managed to learn some of the village's ultimate spells, continued his training, and helped the villagers. remembering the Tragedy that occurred back at his village, he decided to leave the village of mages. Just as he left the village, the mages gave him two flame broadswords, hoping that he would use them for good. As the years pass, he became a bounty hunter, using his skills as a fighter and as a mage to help out those in need.
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Here's mine.

Name: Makoto Neptunus

Age: 10,000 (looks 16/18)

Height/Weight: 7'3"/Unknown

General Appearance: The young maleherm Dijirin looks mostly like a male, anthro feathered drake with floor long white hair. Usually, he wears a white kimono with splits all the way to the hip, white lace panties connected to white pantyhose via a white garterbelt, and white boots. If under D.S.S.D.F. missions, he has clothes simmlar to Iria's bodysuit, only with red where the blue is.

Hobbies/Interests: He really likes to draw, loves teddy bears, and is a very very big fan of magic.

Extreme Elemental Kinesis (E.E.K.)
Pros: Extremely well in any surrounding
Cons: 5 mana drains each second

Elemental Fusion/Elemental DNA
Pros: Naturally occuring, quick
Cons: Very mana costly

Attributes: He is rarely affected by elemental damage, but physical damage is doubled.

History/Background: Makoto lost both sets of parents in his young years, forcing him to a mostly shy, but pretty mysterious individual. With most people avoiding him except the unusual, his sapphire eyes are usually looking for a friend underneath the hallowed, and lonely exterior.
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Character Archives
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