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 Voice acting in Valis II PC88/98?

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Guillaume Gaius
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Guillaume Gaius

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Voice acting in Valis II PC88/98? Empty
PostSubject: Voice acting in Valis II PC88/98?   Voice acting in Valis II PC88/98? Icon_m13Sun 14 Aug 2011, 5:47 am

Finding Heizen's run of MSX Valis II on YouTube really got me interested in the PC88/MSX/X68K versions of that game. In his videos, there's no voice acting in the MSX version of the game, and I assumed the PC88 version would be the same. When I emulated the PC88 version, indeed, there was no voice acting.

But just now, I've found someone's run of PC88 Valis II (, with voice acting! After starting the game, the player is asked whether he's using an analog or digital display, as usual. After that, though, the game asks is there's any "PCM data." Saying yes leads to a loading screen with the full-screen image of Yuko from the game's store demo ( After that, the game starts, but with VA!

Neither the PC88 nor PC98 images of the game on Dreamworld bring up this "PCM data" choice; you just choose analog or digital display, and then the game immediately starts. Is it some kind of hidden option, or are there other files to the game that add voices? Or is it something that could be controlled by changing settings in the emulator?

Does anyone know anything more about this? The PC88 version is my favorite version of Valis II, so it'd be even better if I could play it with VA.
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Voice acting in Valis II PC88/98? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Voice acting in Valis II PC88/98?   Voice acting in Valis II PC88/98? Icon_m13Wed 17 Aug 2011, 7:23 pm

First, hello new friend! Welcome to our Valis forums Very Happy

Second, very interesting topic! (also very interesting/unique avatar and username chu )

I can't read/speak Japanese, so I have no idea about this PCM data thing lol! Maybe it means by PCM data is "Load saved game?" type of thing? maybe?

btw, have you tried playing Valis II on X68k? It should be best version of Valis II! The graphics/sounds/voice-acting are all better Chu (

Another btw, Valis II X68k plot, is just... is just so.. so undescripable!! I could keep playing the game over and over for the plot, and everytime I remember every bit of it, seems like it's first time I know it!! Extemely Happy
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Voice acting in Valis II PC88/98?
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